The Magic of the Hawaiian Islands

Here are some Hawaii Island Secrets….

Hawaii is a magical, wonderful place.

There are many different sensory experiences on the Hawaiian Islands. First there are the Islands themselves. Each one has a special aura. Each Island is a special places. Each one is magic.

Maui is a land of valleys and mountains. Haleakala is a very special place.
It is named the House of the Sun for good reason. Hiking into Haleakala
crater takes you to one of the most interesting places on the planet.

Kauai is lush and green. This piece of paradise has wonderful sights and sounds. It boasts Waimea Canyon, with views and incredible hiking trails. Kauai is the oldest of the Islands. Kauai also boasts having the wettest place on the planet, Mount Waialeale. Rain falls every day of the year.

The Big Island has created some of the newest land on earth. Lava has been spewing out of Kilauea Volcano continuosly for almost 30 years. And there is no sign of letting up.
Contrast the fiery heat of the crater with Mauna Kea, a mountain where you will find snow.
You could actually witness a lava flow and a snow storm on the same day.

Molokai is known as the Friendly Isle. Small in contrast to the others, but still
possessing special places. There are hikes here which are like no other in all of Hawaii. Molokai is also home of Kalaupapa, the settlement of Hanson’s patients who were ministered by the revered Father Damien.

Kailua Beach

Kailua Beach

Lanai was at one time full of pineapple. The days of intense agriculture are over,
however, Lanai is a world class resort. And is a special place. A little known fact is this: Bill Gates rented nearly the entire Island for his wedding.

Oahu, known as “the gathering place” is home of Honolulu and Waikiki.
There are countles special places to be found on Oahu. These include Pearl Harbor as
well as the famed North Shore. The North Shore boasts some of the best surfing on the planet and is known as the Surfing Capital of the World.

And if that were not enough, there are incredible beaches on each of the Islands. Each Island has it’s
own special ocean retreats. There are countless places to greet the blue, blue Pacific, here on the Islands.

Know this: every beach in Hawaii is public. There are no private beaches. There are many different ways to access the beaches in Hawaii. But again, you need to know where to look and how to find them.

Hawaii has become a melting pot of many different cultures. Each one leaving there own influence. Each one leaving their own special gift to the Island culture. And with these cultures have come different tastes.

The food in Hawaii is simply outstanding.

These are some of the Secrets of Hawaii we wanted to share with you.

You will discover hidden gems here. You will be amazed and in awe. And your life will be
touched by these Hawaii Secrets. So visit Hawaii yourself and discover some of these
secrets on your own.

You will not be disappointed.


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Hawaii Farmer’s Market on Oahu

There are a number of Farmer’s Markets operating on Oahu.

You just need to know where to look. A very enjoyable one on Oahu is the one held at Ward Warehouse on Saturday Morning. This is fairly easy to get to. There are busses that will take you right to the market. This is also a short distance from Ala Moana Shopping Center. You can easily walk from there.

This particular Farmer’s Market was in fact located at Ala Moana Shopping Center. The support of the local community was evident with the large crowds who attended. Due to all of the construction going on at the shopping center, the weekly market was forced to move down the street to Ward Center.

We were there on the last day at Ala Moana, and it was kind of sad until we realized that the food event had secured a new location!

The new location at Ward Center is a pleasant one. There is ample parking and a very festive atmosphere.

You will find a large array of various locally grown produce. As a matter of fact all of the produce sold at this market, must be locally grown. You will not be disappointed with the wide variety of fruits an vegetables that are available. From bananas to papaya, guava, limes from tomatoes to mushrooms, onions, star fruit, the exotic dragon fruit as well as eggplants and a mixture of different farm fresh sprouts. Of course don’t forget the fresh pineapple and fruit smoothie drinks that are also available.

There is also a nice selection of prepared food. you can find a wide assortment of vegetarian fare, freshly baked breads, rolls and seafood.

Here’s a video we created on a recent visit:

I live in Hawaii and I’m glad I do. There a number of bumps in the road I encountered when I came.

There is a guide that will help you avoid some of the issues I encountered.

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Moving To Hawaii e-book coverIn the summer of 2010, I made my own dream of moving to Hawaii come true. As I type this, I’m enjoying the balmy breeze coming through the window and a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean from my home in Honolulu. Life is good here, and it can be yours as well!

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If you are moving to Hawaii or even thinking of moving to Hawaii you need to read Moving To Hawaii: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Oahu Farmers Market at KCC

One of the best best kept secrets on Oahu is the Farmer’s Market at Kapio’lani Community College.

This event is held every Saturday from 7:30 to 11:00 AM. So you better get there early!

This Farmer’s Market on Oahu, has a festival atmosphere. The food is extraordinary. You can find all types of gourmet delights. These are specially made to delight all of your senses and tastes. We are talking food that speaks to you. Food that will delight you. Food that will ask you to get up and dance… OK so I’m exaggerating a bit. But in reality you will find all types of food that is wonderful.

You will find all types of amazing food from Sweet Potato to Pizza, from Soul Food to other ethnic types of food. There is breakfast food, a noodle bar and even several homemade lemonade stands.

I made a video of the festivities here:

Of course you will find all manner of farm fresh Hawaiian produce. Almost everything you will find here is grown locally. There are mangoes, papaya, pineapple and other fresh fruit. Of course you will find many exotic flowers.

But for me the biggest spectacle at this event is the crowd. You will find all types of people from very local folks to tourists just out for a stroll. There is much aloha and joy here. This is an event you really want to make sure you check out.

Here is another video I created:

So if you have some time on your hands early Saturday morning, you definitely want to go down and check out the KCC Farmer’s Market. The event is non-profit and sponsoered by the Hawaii Farm Bureau

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Eat the Street in Hawaii: Honolulu Street Food

One of the biggest Secrets about Hawaii is Eat the Street.

Eat the Street is a food truck food festival held in the Ka’kaako section of Honolulu on the last Friday of the month.

You can find over 40 different mobile food trucks at this event. All of the food featured is as diverse as the scenes of the Hawaiian Islands.

You can sample different types of Islands foods like Hawaiian plates, filipino, food, Mexican Food, all types of BBQ pork and beef, Mexican Food, Italian Food, Japanese food as well other award winning food combinations. You can discover freshly created pizza cooked in an authentic kiawe wood fired oven. There are not only ethnic variations but ethnic combinations as well. The tastes are incredibly diverse.

You can discover Fresh Island fish, pork dishes, beef and even fresh lobster. All the food is amazingly fresh and cooked for you right in front of you. You senses are literally bombarded. Of course the food is pleasing to the eye, but your other senses such as smell are also enticed.

You can discover all of the secret tastes Hawaii has to offer in one place. Eat the Street, has brought together the best new age chefs on the Islands. These masters of food are constantly thinking outside the foodie box and it appears magically in their food trucks.

This is a very pedestrian friendly event. There is bike parking, and a limited amount of seating. There is a problem with parking, which due to the large crowd is somewhat limited. My advice is to search for parking on some of the side streets. The event starts around 4 PM, so if you are able to get there early, parking will not be a problem.

There are a number of desserts available such as fresh created doughnuts, sweet savory pies and even a local cookie company showcases their talents. There are various types of cold desserts such as tropical flavored ice pops made with actual tropical juices. You will discover hand crafted Belgian Waffles. There is also mouth watering Italian Ice cream known as gelato.

If you are ready to experience some real Hawaii Secrets, make sure you check outEat the Street.

Here is a visual tour of this incredible Food Festival:

The absolute best ways to promote any event such as this is through video. You can find out more about hoe to promote with video at Hawaii Business Videos.

To find other local events, check out Find the Best Daily Deal in Your Neighborhood

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Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza at Ward Center

In the last several years there has been a renaissance as far as pizza is concerned.

The Artisan Pizza movement has caught up with Hawaii in a big way. Seems like everyone is now interested in creating great pizza. Now these are not pizzerias that are obvious to the everyday person. And visitors to Hawaii will never find them unless you know where to look.

I’m happy to share the opening of a new pizzeria at Ward Center, in Honolulu. As you read this Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza will have opened their doors.

While not a new operation, these pizzioli, have paid their dues. They are John and Kyle, and until recently they operated a mobile pizza operation. They created pizza that was good, very good.

They were relentless in their pizza production. At first they were located in a furniture store parking lot. They slowly built up a reputation as more and more crowds flocked to this outdoor operation seeking out great pizza. It was inevitable to anyone who ate pizza there that this location could not last.

They were just getting to big for the parking lot. And their customers were crowding out the furniture store customers. Their next location was an obscure part of town. Immediately their pizza production took a big hit. No one could find them any more. So they moved once again.

They relocated to a major street with pleny of traffic. Business started to pick up agian. It looked they had found a new home. However, the owner of the property raised the rent, and once more they were on the road.

They decided to take the pizza show on the road. They were fixtures at varous farmer’s markets, fund raisers and private parties throughout the Island of Oahu. but all along they have been searching for a permanent home and it looks like John and Kyle may have found one.

Now they are ready to show their talents in a full scale pizza restaurant. The pizzeria will be a full time operation for them. They plan on retaining the pizza cart, however, it appears the Ward Center location will be a permanent home.

Here is a promo video created for them by Hawaii Business Videos, a Hawaii Internet Marketing company :

Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Ward Center
1200 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Kava at Eat the Street in Honolulu

Eat the Street is one of the premier dining experiences in Honolulu. This is a gathering of dozens of food trucks and portable food vendors that takes place once a month.

The food is in a word amazing. There are all kinds of different tastes from Inferno’s Wood Fired Pizza to ribs, lox, bagels, korean-mexican fusion food,  and even deep fried twinkies. The food is all over the map. The various explosive flavors are memorable and enticing. If you go once, you will want to return again and again.

In addition to all of your food groups, you will also discover hidden secrets, available to those who seek them out.

One of the Secrets was a full on Kava Bar right in the middle of all of the food vendors.

According to Wikipedia: 

Kava or kava-kava (Piper methysticum) (PiperLatin for ‘pepper’, methysticum: (Latinized) Greek for ‘intoxicating’) is a crop of the western Pacific.

The name kava(-kava) is from Tongan and Marquesan;[1] other names for kava include ?awa (Hawai?i), ava (Samoa), yaqona (Fiji), and sakau (Pohnpei).

The roots of the plant are used to produce a drink with sedative and anesthetic properties. Kava is consumed throughout the Pacific Ocean cultures ofPolynesia, including HawaiiVanuatuMelanesia and some parts of Micronesia. Kava is sedating and is primarily consumed to relax without disrupting mental clarity.

Kava is one of the oldest methods to relax in Hawaii. The unique properties allow it to be to used to take care of ones body and alleviate stress. The most important features of kava is the ability to relax while at the same time helping to enhance thought functioning.

One of the best places to experience Kava is through: KavaBoy. You can visit visit their website, and learn about Kava, right here.

In an effort to discover more, I spoke with Sarah, of KavaBoy.

Here is what she said:


You can learn more about Kava in Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise: The Pursuit of a Natural Alternative to Anti-Anxiety Drugs and Sleeping Pills

Respectfully submitted,

Albert Grande, Clerk and Bottle Washer
Rare e-books, videos, how to’s, at
The Pizza Therapy Store

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Naked Cow Dairy Hawaii from Hawaii Secret Dot Com

Here is a dream that should be supported. 

The Naked Cow Story and Vision

Naked Cow Dairy is a women-owned, family run cow dairy on the island of Oahu whose mission is to keep the art of caring for dairy cows alive and well in Hawaii and to bring Island-made signature local fresh-churned butter and artisan cheeses to the table. Hand-crafted dairy products ensure the health and happiness of the cows as well as the high quality of the product.


Started by sisters Monique van der Stroom and Sabrina St. Martin, Naked Cow Dairy is a labor of love that fills a void left by the closure of 75 (!) dairies on Oahu in the past  50 years. Monique came to the decision to start Naked Cow after working in other dairies on Oahu and watching each of them struggle and fail to compete with the cheaper mainland imports. She realized that in order to be viable it would be necessary to maximize the potential of the milk by creating value added foods like butter, yogurt and cheese. Sabrina, after leaving New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina, came to the dairy with a vision to expand the culinary reach of the product to restaurant chefs passionate about locally produced food and farmer’s market shoppers eager to support local farms.

The Impact

Hard Fact #1:  In order achieve longed for stability as a family operated agricultural business, Naked Cow Dairy direly needs to start making cheese.  By securing the waiting cheeselover market, this dairy will be able to thrive and grow.

Hard Fact  #2:  100% of cow milk cheese in Hawaii has been imported, some cheeses from more than 25,000 miles away.  Hawaii currently imports at least 80% of the food that we eat.  Let’s put a dent in these numbers!

Semi-soft Fact:  You would be helping Naked Cow Dairy make history by being the first cow milk cheese making operation in Hawaii.  

Soft Fact:  Imagine these cheeses made fresh right here on the island with milk from pasture-raised cows: mozzarella, jack, cheddar, gouda, brie, camembert, and more! mmmmm…..


What We Need & What You Get

This campaign’s goal is to raise $15,000 to equip our kitchen with a heating element for our 230 gallon cheese vat & low-temp pasteurizer. This part costs about $7000 to purchase and install. In addition we need to build and outfit a cheese aging room that will keep our delicious cheeses at the right temperature and humidity until they go to market. The equipment and buildout of the space we need is estimated to cost about $8000. With these parts of the puzzle in place we will be on the way to making Hawaii cheesy!!

 Other Ways You Can Help

– Make it a point to get your butter, yogurt and cheeses from Naked Cow Dairy – available at KCC & Kailua Farmers’ Markets, Kapolei Farmers Market, Ala Moana  & Haleiwa Farmers’ Market, Whole Foods Kahala, Maui (and soon Kailua), Foodland, Down to Earth, Kokua Market.  

– Tell your friends to make sure to stock their fridges with local milk (real local milk – which is only Big Island Dairy sold as Hawaii Fresh at the moment), butter, yogurt and cheeses.  Let’s grow our dairies instead of losing them!

– If you’re on twitter help spread the word by following us @nakedcowdairy – hashtag for this campaign is #cheesyhawaii

– If you are on Facebook, please like us! "Naked Cow Dairy Hawaii" (listed as a Farm/Agricultural Business)
You and your cheese loving friends can come along for our cheesemaking ride 🙂
– Buy locally grown and locally made always! Know your farmer know your food!!


Let’s help these farmers have their dream become reality!

Respectfully submitted,
Albert Grande
Restaurants in Honolulu

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The Pig and the Lady from Hawaii Business Videos

 One of the best kept secrets in Hawaii is the Pig and the Lady, a pop up restaurant in Honolulu.

What’s a "pop up restaurant"?  A pop up restaurant has no permanent home. It is not a virtual space but kind of a moveable feast.  The Pig and the Lady could be here for a while and then disappear. That is the beauty and the curse of the pop up.

The cuisine is New Wave Asian  but tasty and fun. The staff are there to make sure you enjoy your dining experience. The menu rotates all the time. You will discover many different influences. Understand each dish will be expertly prepared with an amazing taste.

Most of the meals served a 5 course price fixed for about $55. Space is limited so you will have to contact them to make reservations.
A link to their web site follows.

I caught up with them at the weekly farmers market located at the Blaisdell in Honoluliu


Serving up the creations of Andrew Le, former sous chef of Mavro. The menu will change frequently, starting with Southeast Asian, but possibly jumping continents, all in the pursuit of creativity and deliciousness.

At the moment, we’re popping-up in Hank’s Haute Dogs.


Here is a sample menu: 



carrot soup, curried rice puff, coconut creme fraiche, tangerines, cilantro


green banana, betelnut leaves, tomato confit, watercress, octopus jus

*vegetarian option: green banana, betelnut, tomato confit, watercress


kimchi, house cured bacon, crispy pig ears, sesame leaves

*vegetarian option: kimchi gnocchi, sesame leaves, brown butter, crispy shallots


free range chicken, slow poached egg, hand cut noodles, vietnamese herbs

*vegetarian option: Pho with handcut noodles, vietnamese herbs


olive oil cake, apricot seed powder, kaya, guava sorbet, shiso

 Jasmine tea with mint


Here is a video interview I did recently with Andrew the head chef and owner.



Contact them: At the moment, we’re popping-up in Hank’s Haute Dogs.

You can find out more at their website:

The Pig and the Lady

You can find an extensive listing of great restaurants at: Restaurants in Honolulu Dot Com

 And after a great meal, what would go better than some wonderful Hawaiian Coffee.

Check out some great coffe!

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Kaka’ako Makai Marketplace, A Honolulu Gem

Kaka‘ako Makai Community Cultural Marketplace
Ka Aha‘aina O Kaka‘ako
A Grand Opening and Gathering at Kaka‘ako

Featuring Hawai‘i foods, crafters, artisans, performers, and community;
including a special fundraiser for Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Bring your appetite



Welcome to Kaka’ako Makai Marketplace
A Community Cultural Experience

Hele mai, ho’ole ‘ale ‘a, e hele mai’ai, k?’ai hele, kipa hou mai
Come, have fun, come eat, shop, come visit again

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An Introduction to Kauai Vacations

A Hawaiian trip is one of the most exhilarating experiences for any person in the globe. The 51st state of America features a lot of rich culture and history that will surely give you an unforgettable stay. A Kauai vacation is considered a top choice because of the various beautiful sights as well as the traditions that make it one majestic island. Find out more about the place especially its unique layout and geography.

About the Island

The name Kauai probably originated from Hawai’iloa, the Polynesian explorer who is known to have discovered Hawaii. Hawai’iloa was said to have a favorite son whom he named the island after. It also translates to “food season” or “place around the neck” just as how a father would lift his favorite child. The population in the island ranges over 60,000. The United States Census Bureau defines Kauai as Census Tracts 401 to 409. This includes all of Kauai County except for the islands Lehua, Ni’ihau and Ka’ula.

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Kauai or Kaua’i is the oldest and fourth largest main island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It is also the 21st largest island in America which lies 105 miles across the Kaua’i Channel, just northwest of O’ahu. It is also called “Garden Isle” with blooming flora and fauna, great weather and captivating volcanoes.

The island is of volcanic origin with Kawaikini the highest peak standing at 5,243 feet and Mount Wai’ale’ale at the center of Kauai at 5,148 feet. It is one of the wettest places in the plant with annual rainfall resulting to deep valleys, canyons and waterfalls.

Lihue Airport is the main air transportation hub of the island. There are several towns and cities all over Kauai but majority of the distinctive ones are located from the northern tip of Hawaii Route 560 to the western end of Hawaii Route 50. Some popular places include Kapa’a, Lihu’e, Wailua, Princeville, Hanalei, Hanapepe, Kilauea, Lawa’i and Anahola.

Kauai resembles the shape of an almost perfect circle over an area of 552 square miles. The location provides warm waters from the Pacific Ocean as well as great temperature any time of the year. About half of the shoreline of the island is comprised of Kauai vacation beaches. You can expect to find some very rare species of animals and plants both on and off shore such as bamboo, orchid, hibiscus, sandalwood, eucalyptus, java plum, kiawe, iwi, nene goose, sea turtle, whale, dolphin and humuhumunukunukuapuaa.

What to Expect

You get to enjoy several open and commercial beaches all across the island as well as the vast richness of marine life. Hiking is another great Kauai vacation activity because of its mountainous regions specifically the Waimea Canyon or the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” rising up to 4,000 feet. Another popular site is the Napali Coast featuring captivating coastline views, free-flowing waterfalls, secret sea caves and tall cliffs.

Enjoy the tropical weather of a Kauai vacation all-year round. Temperatures also drop later in the afternoon for cooler nights. There are micro-climates on the island wherein both lush and dry areas exist Mount Waialeale has a beautiful rainforest having more than 400 inches of rain per year.

Other areas usually have sunny days and warm breezes and surrounding sites around the peak are generally unaffected by the rain. Coastal spots have an average of 18 inches of rain annually. Rainfall usually occurs at night.

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If you are going to Kauai you need to check out these resources:

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Pizza Passion In Hawaii at Inferno’s Woodfired Pizza


Add another star in the quest for great pizza in Hawaii….

Inferno’s Pizza.

Without a doubt, this is one of the true hidden gems in all of Hawaii. Inferno’s is a portable pizza operation. Street food delivered with aloha! First, the pizza is simply outstanding. Excellent crust in a kiawe wood fired oven.

If you are looking for outstanding Hawaii pizza, you will find it here.

The pizzaiolo Kyle and co-owner John ooze pure passion for pizza. They want to take care of their customers. Believe me, if you love pizza, consider your self taken care of! And at $8 and $10 a pizza, you cannot go wrong!

Kyle and John have pizza passion. The crust was incredible. A superb Neapolitan pie right in Hawaii! My prediction, is Inferno’s will open a sit down restaurant within a year…

 Tomato Pizza from Inferno in Honolulu

 Arguably this may be some of the Best Pizza in Hawaii. Discover amazing Hawaii Pizza at the Hawaii Pizza Directory at Pizza Therapy.

Inferno’s Woodfire Pizza
306 Kalihi St
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 375-1200


 Visit Inferno’s Wood fire Pizza, here.

Pizza all over Oahu,
Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter and Pizza Blogger


Hidden for almost 100 years…

The Happy Italian Cook Book

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The Happy Italian Cook Book by Albert Grande





Visit Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza at their website, here.

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The Blonde Vegetarian from Hawaii Business Videos

Rebecca Woodland is a survivor. She battled cancer and won. With victory in hand she decided to share her favorite recipes with her new cookbook, The Blond Vegetarian..

She discovered that a big part of her recovery was proper eating.

Her cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. Rebecca puts her heart and soul into her cooking. She dicovered a secret: make the foods that you are supposed to eat taste really good.

All of her recipes (over 200) can be made with local ingredients including local vegetables, fruits and herbs. Most of the recipes are vey low in cholesterol and very low fat.

The recipes contained are easy to prepare, delicious as well as beautiful. The tastes appeal to children as well as those who may not be fans of vegetarian cooking.

Rebecca claims all of the recipes were tested on kids and meat eaters, as well.

You can get a copy of The Blonde Vegetarian at Borders, Barnes and Noble and Costco. Visit Rebecca at her website:
the Blonde Vegetarian.

Soon the book will be avialable at
The Blond Vegetarian, one of the real secrets of Hawaii….

albert grande
Hawaii Buiness Videos

You can get Rebecca’s incredible book right now:

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