Pato’s Harley in Hawaii by Hawaii Business Videos Dot Com

Pato loves his Harley.

He loves riding it. The bike is a classic and has never failed him.

In the following interview Pato showcases his bike. It is mostly original but he has added a few new elements.

He also talks about the dangers of riding your bike in Hawaii. While the sport is totally enjoyable, you need to keep an eye out for others.

Some drivers in Hawaii just don’t pay attention. While you are on your bike you need to be careful out there!

Pato loves his Harley. It’s old, it’s big and it’s dependable. He has added some special features but for the most part it is stock.


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 Pato and his Harley
Pato and his Harley


St. Christopher "Ride with Me" Motorcycle Medal–Keychain

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Ms. Hawaii 2011: Lauren Kealohilani Cheape

 Lauren Cheape is a wonderful addition to the legacy of Ms. Hawaii. She is personable and talented. Bright and precious. Winner of Miss Hawaii!

Lauren Kealohilani Cheape – Miss East Oahu

Talent: A jump rope routine to the song " Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis

Hometown: Mililani, Oahu

Major: Film Production and Minored in Business and Japanese

Platform: C.A.R.E. Collegiate Athletes Reaching Everyong; a program that was started that uses student athletes to encourage youth to stay in school, stay active, and live healthy lives

 Waikiki Convention Center For: Miss Hawaii 2011


We happened to meet Lauren one day at Long’s.  Lauren was very approachable. Kamalei was totally blown away. She got to meet a wonderful person who is a great role model for the youth of Hawaii

Keep up the great work that you do Lauren!


If you are visiting Hawaii check out: Frommer’s Hawaii Day by Day  



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Kokua for Japan: Hawaii Reaches Out

Press Release:

“Kokua For Japan,” a Hawaii-based radio, television and Internet fund raising event for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan will be held on Sunday, April 10, 2011 from noon to 5 p.m. The event, staged by Clear Channel Radio Hawaii and Oceanic Time Warner Cable, will take place at the Great Lawn at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort & Spa. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross for disaster relief. A complete list of participating entertainers will be released soon.

“Supporting our friends and neighbors in Japan during this time of great need is the right thing to do,” said Chuck Cotton, Vice President and General Manager for Clear Channel Radio Hawaii. “Some of Hawaii’s top entertainers will be coming together for an afternoon of songs, laughter and inspiration.”

“The people of Japan continue to be in our thoughts and prayers, and we’re so pleased to be involved in an event such as this that will bring together the people of Hawaii to raise much-needed funds for the earthquake and tsunami victims,” said Oceanic’s Bob Barlow. “We’re also continuing to show our support by offering free phone calls to Japan for our digital phone customers through April 15, 2011, as well as live round-the-clock news coverage from Japan.”

On-air personalities from Clear Channel Radio and local broadcast and cable TV stations will host the program. Oceanic Time Warner Cable is providing television production. Additional support is being provided by the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

Tickets will go on sale beginning March 23 at 11 a.m. via Honolulu Box Office. Visit for on-line purchasing or call 808-550-8457 for charge-by-phone. Cost for the tickets will be $15. Television stations scheduled to air the event include KFVE, KGMB, KHNL, KHON, KITV4, CW and OC 16.

 Clear Channel Radio Hawaii, OC 16 and KITV 4 will stream the event live on the web. In addition, radio stations KSSK 92.3 FM, KSSK AM 590, Island 985 and KHVH AM will broadcast the event.

For information, visit or contact the following Clear Channel Hawaii radio stations:  KSSK FM at 296-9292
 KSSK AM at 296-5959
 KHVH 830 AM at 521-8383
 Island 985 FM at 296-9850

This concert is sold out, but you can watch it live.

You can find ways to watch it, here:

Kokua for Japan

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Jake Shimabukuro in “Just Go With It”

I just got the word that our favorite ukelele player, Jake Shimabukuro will be featured in Adam Sandler’s new film, Just Go For It.

 I couldn’t be prouder. I’ve met Jake a couple of times and he is always a gentleman, always gracious, and always an amazing musician. He really shines when he plays: Live

There really is no one quite like Jake.

His newslettter reports:

Jake’s original song, "Angel," along with his arrangement of the popular Police song, "Every Breath You Take," will be featured in the new Adam Sandler film, "Just Go With It," premiering in theaters TODAY, February 11th. Jake will also be making a cameo appearance in the film!

 The film co-stars Jennifer Anniston.

 Here is a great interview with Jake:


The thing that I love the most about Jake is that he is truly a humble person. He really is a super-star and yet he is totally approachable. On stage he commands a presence. He is a charasmatic performer. He makes his ukelele sing.

He is so down to earth. He is a wondeful person. And he is one of  Hawaii’s Best Kept Secrets.

There is nothing quite like seeing Jake Live

You can discover his incredible music, right here:

Respectfully submitted by:
Albert Grande The Pizza Promoter and
Owner of The Pizza Therapy Digital Store

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Pizza Passion In Hawaii at Inferno’s Woodfired Pizza


Add another star in the quest for great pizza in Hawaii….

Inferno’s Pizza.

Without a doubt, this is one of the true hidden gems in all of Hawaii. Inferno’s is a portable pizza operation. Street food delivered with aloha! First, the pizza is simply outstanding. Excellent crust in a kiawe wood fired oven.

If you are looking for outstanding Hawaii pizza, you will find it here.

The pizzaiolo Kyle and co-owner John ooze pure passion for pizza. They want to take care of their customers. Believe me, if you love pizza, consider your self taken care of! And at $8 and $10 a pizza, you cannot go wrong!

Kyle and John have pizza passion. The crust was incredible. A superb Neapolitan pie right in Hawaii! My prediction, is Inferno’s will open a sit down restaurant within a year…

 Tomato Pizza from Inferno in Honolulu

 Arguably this may be some of the Best Pizza in Hawaii. Discover amazing Hawaii Pizza at the Hawaii Pizza Directory at Pizza Therapy.

Inferno’s Woodfire Pizza
306 Kalihi St
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 375-1200


 Visit Inferno’s Wood fire Pizza, here.

Pizza all over Oahu,
Albert Grande
The Pizza Promoter and Pizza Blogger


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Visit Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza at their website, here.

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The Blonde Vegetarian from Hawaii Business Videos

Rebecca Woodland is a survivor. She battled cancer and won. With victory in hand she decided to share her favorite recipes with her new cookbook, The Blond Vegetarian..

She discovered that a big part of her recovery was proper eating.

Her cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. Rebecca puts her heart and soul into her cooking. She dicovered a secret: make the foods that you are supposed to eat taste really good.

All of her recipes (over 200) can be made with local ingredients including local vegetables, fruits and herbs. Most of the recipes are vey low in cholesterol and very low fat.

The recipes contained are easy to prepare, delicious as well as beautiful. The tastes appeal to children as well as those who may not be fans of vegetarian cooking.

Rebecca claims all of the recipes were tested on kids and meat eaters, as well.

You can get a copy of The Blonde Vegetarian at Borders, Barnes and Noble and Costco. Visit Rebecca at her website:
the Blonde Vegetarian.

Soon the book will be avialable at
The Blond Vegetarian, one of the real secrets of Hawaii….

albert grande
Hawaii Buiness Videos

You can get Rebecca’s incredible book right now:

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Jack Johnson, A True Hawaiian Treasure


Even, if you don’t like Jack Johnson, you gotta love the guy.

First, his music is infectious. He has a wonderful sound. His music grows on you.

Start listening to one of his tunes and you can’t seem to get it out of your head.

He freely shares his music. And that is a great concept.

As a matter of fact, he allows people to tape his concerts. He likes the idea of spreading his music virally. This is the same attitude as the Grateful Dead. So in a way he is carrying on that tradition.

He oozes the aloha spirit. He cares about Hawaii and the people of Hawaii. He promotes Hawaii every chance that he gets. He freely shares the stage with other performers. He is extremely generous.

He also cares very much about the environment. He has done many benefit concerts to help create environmental awareness. Many, many.

Here is something you may not know about him: he donates all the money he makes on tour to charity. Every penny is donated.

On top of everything else, he is very humble. He isn’t real comfortable with being famous.

As I said, you gotta love this guy.

Here is a taste of his music:

Thanks, Jack!

You are a true Hawaiian treasure. I look forward to saying thanks to you in person. And I’m sure I will.

Mahalo nui loa,
albert grande

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A Hawaii Pizza Tale: from Hawaii to Italy and Back

As you may know, I’m a pizzaman. I love making pizza, I love eating pizza and I love talking about pizza… (Here is my website: Pizza Therapy).

This is one of my favorite pizza tales I have ever experienced. Best of all, this extraordinary pizza conversation, had a Hawaii twist.

I happened to be at a Workshop recently and during lunch my favorite topic, pizza, just happened to come up.

Janet, who grew up in Hawaii, in a Japanese-American household, shared the following:

“One night, many years ago, my Dad and Mom decided to take us kids out for pizza. As soon as my Dad tasted the pizza, he said: “This is not real pizza…Now when I was in Italy during the Second World War, that was real pizza…”

(Albert’s side bar; So here goes: a pizza tale, with-in a pizza tale…)

Her father, who had never been out of Hawaii, was stationed in a small Italian town during World War II. They were camped on a farmer’s fields for several weeks. He decided to go for a walk to explore the farm.

The farmer became alarmed, when he noticed this stranger walking around his fields.

“Why” he thought, “was this strange Japanese man, walking around my fields?”

He immediately went to get a rifle. He then confronted this man pointing his rifle at him. The farmer soon realized, this Japanese man, was an American. He was a liberator and not a threat to him or his family.

After a while, the Italian farmer and this Japanese man from Hawaii, became friends.

One day the Serviceman was relieving himself near a stream and he noticed something in the water. He went to ask the farmer what he had seen.

The farmer told him, they were eels. Janet’s father was elated. He and his buddies were sick of K-Rations! Now they could feast on fresh eels! The other soldiers from Hawaii rigged some nets together and that night, they had an incredible meal of fresh eels, cooked right in their helmets!

The farmer then shared another secret with him. He said there were wild mushrooms growing right on the farm. The farmer taught him which mushrooms were safe to pick. Soon, their “eel and mushroom dinners” were the talk of the camp.

A short while later, his company had to leave. There was after all, a War going on. Before he left, the farmer invited him to his house for a meal. There, he tasted fresh, home-made pizza, for the first time. The memory of that pizza would never leave him.”

I thanked Janet immensely. I asked her if I could meet her dad, but she explained, he had passed away years before.

The tale made me think of my own father, who although born in the U.S., had loved to eat eels. He would regularly take us out to his secret spots to search for wild mushrooms. The love of this food had been passed on to him by his own father, who had been raised on a farm in Italy. And so it goes…

pizza on earth and Hawaii,

albert grande
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Hawaii’s Youngest Living Treasure: Jake Shimabukuro

Hawaii truly has many treasures. Its just that kind of place.

One of the best living treasures is Jake Shimabukuro. Jake is a wizard, a magician, a musician with an inincredible amount of talent. He oozes and drips music. The songs seem to come out of his spirit.

Here is a video of Jake, shredding his ukelele.

It has been special to see him grow and progress as a professional musician. He has matured gracefully. Each incarnation of Jake, has seen him discover new directions for his instrument. He has taken the ukelele places, never before thought possible.

Another special thing is that Jake has been recognized as an incredible talent by other musicians. For example Jimmy Buffet has brought Jake up on stage when he played in Honolulu. Blues Traveler did the same thing. He has been invited to preform with national music acts here in Hawaii and on the mainland, time after time. He is that good.

He is well respected. And humble.

He has a talent and gift that he wants to share. He is extraordinary.

This is one of my favorite tunes he does: While My Guitar Gently Weeps. This was written by Gieorge Harrison, but performed by Eric Clapton on the Beatles White album.

By the way: George Harrison, had a Hawaii connection: he lived in Maui.

YouTube Preview Image

Here is an incredible piece of music. Amazing.

Here is a version done by George Harrison and Eric Clapton (Ringo is on drums…)

shred on Jake, shred on…..

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Hawaii Surfer Attacked by a Needlefish

All my friend Cody wanted to do was to do a little surfing on the Makaha side of Oahu. There is nothing wrong with that… I mean sure surfing can be dangerous. You need to watch out for those tricky breaks. For a very experienced surfer like Cody, who likes the big stuff, how dangerous can it be?

As, Cody found out: very dagerous. You never know…

As he was paddling his board, a needlefish jumped out of nowhere and pierced his eye lid and eyeball. What could he do? This is an exclusive first hand interview for Hawaii Secret Dot Info

Remember: let’s be careful out there.

The next best thing to surfing is watching surfing. Discover some incredible surfing resources right here.

Stay well,

Albert Grande

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