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Rebecca Woodland is a survivor. She battled cancer and won. With victory in hand she decided to share her favorite recipes with her new cookbook, The Blond Vegetarian..

She discovered that a big part of her recovery was proper eating.

Her cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes. Rebecca puts her heart and soul into her cooking. She dicovered a secret: make the foods that you are supposed to eat taste really good.

All of her recipes (over 200) can be made with local ingredients including local vegetables, fruits and herbs. Most of the recipes are vey low in cholesterol and very low fat.

The recipes contained are easy to prepare, delicious as well as beautiful. The tastes appeal to children as well as those who may not be fans of vegetarian cooking.

Rebecca claims all of the recipes were tested on kids and meat eaters, as well.

You can get a copy of The Blonde Vegetarian at Borders, Barnes and Noble and Costco. Visit Rebecca at her website:
the Blonde Vegetarian.

Soon the book will be avialable at
The Blond Vegetarian, one of the real secrets of Hawaii….

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You can get Rebecca’s incredible book right now:

Hawaii Secret Dot Com: Learn the Inside Tips About Hawaii
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