J.J. Dolan Makes Excellent Pizza in Honolulu

O.K. Here is an inside secret.

If you want to get great pizza in Honolulu, look no further than Chinatown.

There, you will find some incredble New York style pizza being made and eaten.

But for me the pizza is the drawing card.

The pizzas are thin crust with plenty of taste in their dough and toppings.

The pizza was generously big. Large pizza allows the true tast of the pizza to explode in your mouth.

They are not particularly fancy. That is not to say that some of the pizzas were not unusual. There was a great variety.

This is blue collar pizza. Aand that was the charm of this pizzeria. You kind of felt you were back in your old neighborhood, rubbing elbows with your best friends as you indulge in your favorite past time: eating pizza.

The Pizza Therapy Pizza crew was impressed. Several of their specialty pizzas were sampled. We gave J.J. Dolan’s a thumbs up.

Watch a video created by Hawaii Business Videos:

Hawaii Business Videos Makes videos to help promote small business.

pizza all over Honolulu,

albert grande
The Pizza Promoter and Internet Marketer

Here is a something you may enjoy:

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Incredible Kiawe Wood fired Pizza: V Lounge

Here’s a quick secret.

You can find amazing Artisan style pizza at V Lounge. Created by master pizziolo, Aker, this pizza is one of a kind in Honolulu.

V lounge uses the finest ingredients, which are all locally grown.

The pizza is in a word: delcious. Don’t expect cookie cutter pizza at this place. You will discover the true meaning of pizza.

All of the dough is lovingly mixed by hand. you won’t find a hobart mixer in this place.

Have a peek for yourself:

To discover the absolute best pizza in Hawaii, click here now.

pizza all over honolulu,
albert grande
Pizza Therapy

And if you are trying to save money, when you dine out,think about home entertainment:

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Chef Todd: Seared Ahi in Hawaii

In this video Chef Todd Explains that when he comes to Hawaii, he loves to get fresh Ahi Tuna.

He says that he loves to cook wherever goes.

He takes us to a fresh fish market and buys fresh ahi.

From the intro of this video:

No matter what basic cooking method you use to cook fish, getting the freshest fish to cook will improve your final result. When Chef Todd Mohr is in Hawaii, he wants to cook fish, fresh fish. Today, he’ll explore how to cook fresh ahi tuna from the Koloa Fish Market on Kauai, Hawaii.


One of the bigest treats in Hawaii is poke, (raw fish). You can get a poke mix, right here:

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Pizza Crawl: Finding Great Pizza in Honolulu

pizza photo by Albert Grande

pizza photo by Albert Grande

When the subject of pizza comes up, my ears perk up. As I tell everyone I meet, “Don’t get me started about pizza…”.

If we’re talking about pizza in Honolulu, now you really got my attention.

Kawehi Haug, of The Honolulu Advertiser, organized an incredible event called The Pizza Crawl.

A team was assembled to visit six Honolulu pizzerias in one night. These are pizzerias that are buzzworthy and at least have a reputation for making excellent pizza.

The team was made up of hard core pizza lovers. Think about it: eating pizza from six different pizza restaurants in one night is no easy task.

They were up to the challenge and they completed their mission. There were a few mis-steps along the way. Not by the team mind you, but by one of the restaurants.

It just goes to show you buzz is not everything.

Their results:

1) V Lounge (Kona Street) with the kiawe wood fired oven was a big hit.
2) J.J. Dolans (Chinatown): A big hit with the group.
3) Antonio’s New York Pizzeria: Old reliable. Antonio’s came through.

Albert’s side bar: Even though it says New York in it’s name: the owner of Antonio’s, Joe Tramantano is, a Connecticut boy. As in New Haven…

I loved this article. I loved The Pizza Crawl. What a great concept.

On behalf of Pizza Lovers everywhere: thank you Pizza Crawl Team members

You just set a great standard and challenged pizza lovers in Honolulu to go on their own pizza crawl!

Pizza all over Honolulu,

albert grande
Pizza Therapy

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2009 Hawaii Fishing and Seafood Festival

The Hawaii Fisihng and Seafood Festival is a great activity for the entire family.

Held on Pier 38 at the Fishing Village, the festival offers something for everyone. This is a fishing festival and the only celebration that is honors the enitre fishing industry. There were games, music, displays, great food and a lot of fishing supplies. This was truly a family oriented celebration.

The crowds were large yet very orderly.

The food was incredible.

I can’t wait to go back next year.

This is an amazing fish resource:

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The Best Chocolate in Honolulu: Padovani Chocolate

Padovani Chocolate: Heaven on Earth...in Honolulu

Padovani Chocolate: Heaven on Earth
...in Honolulu

OK, I’ve made no secret where you can get the Best Iced Coffee in Honolulu. Here is my review.

Well, the I just had some of the best chocolate I ever tasted and it was in the same place, at Padovani’s Chocolates at Dole Cannery.

OK, I admit it: I love chocolate. To me it is one of the most wonderful tastes on the planet. But to find incredible chocolate in Hawaii seemed to be just a dream.

Well the dream just became reality.

You can read the description of these amazing delicacies right from their website:

Padovani’s Chocolates rely on the best ingredients in the world, including Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, made from the only cocoa bean grown in the United States. The delectable creations use the finest couvertures – shiny and rich in cocoa butter.

I was in heaven as I tasted this chocolate. Don’t think commercial flavors here. These are hand crafted masterpieces.

The comparison would be the difference between pizza made by a pizza chain and a pizza hand-made by a master pizzaiolo.

Not even close. This chocolate is totally created by a master chef. Each piece lovingly created by hand. Think the essence of chocolate.

I have to give it 5 stars. This could be the best chocolate in Hawaii.

Try it out yourself, you will not be disappointed.

You can find Chocolates by Padovani on the second floor of Dole Cannery at:

Padovani Chocolates
650 Iwilei Road, Suite 280
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96817

Here is their website

albert grande
Pizza on Earth…

And if you are looking for some Hawaiian Music to go with that chocolate, check out, Bruddah Iz:

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The Best Pizza in Hawaii

Discover Real Pizza in Paradise…

Hawaii is a place of a thousand tastes. You can find any taste that you can imagine. There are countless foods you can discover.

Hawaii even has great pizza. To find pizza in a paradise, you need to search. These are not places you can find easily. These are hidden pizzerias. some are difficult to find, but the journey alone is worth the trips.

Pizza Therapy has compiled a list of the best pizza in the 50th state.

Here is a small sampling of the discoveries:

Bar 35 from John Heckathorn: “…it’s great pizza, created by Tuscany-born chef Francesco Valentini.” The “crusts are Roman—oblong, served on rectangular wooden paddles… ”

Spaghettini: “Good crust. Buy it by the slice on the North Shore.”

Abbe Brewster Caffe: “Ultra-thin pizza in a quaint setting. Fresh ingredients married with good dough. Excellent job!”

Kona Brewing Company: “…Sit outside under the tiki torches and palm covered tables, enjoy a pale ale and a great gourmet pizza. Kona Brewing Company has great pizza!”

Albert Grande’s Pizza Therapy Pizza: “Some of the best pizza in the Tri-State Area (you name the states). A thin crust Napolitano pizza, fresh ingredients, made with love and passion. Everyone who tastes it becomes a convert of Pizza Therapy. ”

Albert Grande Makes Another Pizza

You can find the rest of the Best Pizza in Hawaii at this link.

If you are interested in making your own pizza, you may beinterested in the Pizza Therapy Pizza Book.

pizza all over Hawaii,

Here are More Pizza Respurces for the Pizza Lover


Find more incredible foods at Amazon:

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