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 One of the best kept secrets in Hawaii is the Pig and the Lady, a pop up restaurant in Honolulu.

What’s a "pop up restaurant"?  A pop up restaurant has no permanent home. It is not a virtual space but kind of a moveable feast.  The Pig and the Lady could be here for a while and then disappear. That is the beauty and the curse of the pop up.

The cuisine is New Wave Asian  but tasty and fun. The staff are there to make sure you enjoy your dining experience. The menu rotates all the time. You will discover many different influences. Understand each dish will be expertly prepared with an amazing taste.

Most of the meals served a 5 course price fixed for about $55. Space is limited so you will have to contact them to make reservations.
A link to their web site follows.

I caught up with them at the weekly farmers market located at the Blaisdell in Honoluliu


Serving up the creations of Andrew Le, former sous chef of Mavro. The menu will change frequently, starting with Southeast Asian, but possibly jumping continents, all in the pursuit of creativity and deliciousness.

At the moment, we’re popping-up in Hank’s Haute Dogs.


Here is a sample menu: 



carrot soup, curried rice puff, coconut creme fraiche, tangerines, cilantro


green banana, betelnut leaves, tomato confit, watercress, octopus jus

*vegetarian option: green banana, betelnut, tomato confit, watercress


kimchi, house cured bacon, crispy pig ears, sesame leaves

*vegetarian option: kimchi gnocchi, sesame leaves, brown butter, crispy shallots


free range chicken, slow poached egg, hand cut noodles, vietnamese herbs

*vegetarian option: Pho with handcut noodles, vietnamese herbs


olive oil cake, apricot seed powder, kaya, guava sorbet, shiso

 Jasmine tea with mint


Here is a video interview I did recently with Andrew the head chef and owner.



Contact them: At the moment, we’re popping-up in Hank’s Haute Dogs.

You can find out more at their website:

The Pig and the Lady

You can find an extensive listing of great restaurants at: Restaurants in Honolulu Dot Com

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J.J. Dolan Makes Excellent Pizza in Honolulu

O.K. Here is an inside secret.

If you want to get great pizza in Honolulu, look no further than Chinatown.

There, you will find some incredble New York style pizza being made and eaten.

But for me the pizza is the drawing card.

The pizzas are thin crust with plenty of taste in their dough and toppings.

The pizza was generously big. Large pizza allows the true tast of the pizza to explode in your mouth.

They are not particularly fancy. That is not to say that some of the pizzas were not unusual. There was a great variety.

This is blue collar pizza. Aand that was the charm of this pizzeria. You kind of felt you were back in your old neighborhood, rubbing elbows with your best friends as you indulge in your favorite past time: eating pizza.

The Pizza Therapy Pizza crew was impressed. Several of their specialty pizzas were sampled. We gave J.J. Dolan’s a thumbs up.

Watch a video created by Hawaii Business Videos:

Hawaii Business Videos Makes videos to help promote small business.

pizza all over Honolulu,

albert grande
The Pizza Promoter and Internet Marketer

Here is a something you may enjoy:

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Incredible Kiawe Wood fired Pizza: V Lounge

Here’s a quick secret.

You can find amazing Artisan style pizza at V Lounge. Created by master pizziolo, Aker, this pizza is one of a kind in Honolulu.

V lounge uses the finest ingredients, which are all locally grown.

The pizza is in a word: delcious. Don’t expect cookie cutter pizza at this place. You will discover the true meaning of pizza.

All of the dough is lovingly mixed by hand. you won’t find a hobart mixer in this place.

Have a peek for yourself:

To discover the absolute best pizza in Hawaii, click here now.

pizza all over honolulu,
albert grande
Pizza Therapy

And if you are trying to save money, when you dine out,think about home entertainment:

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Tokkuri Tei Rocks: Incredible Sushi

I recently met up with some fellow bloggers at Tokkuri Tei Restuarant (611 Kapahulu Ave Honolulu, HI 96815 (808) 739-2800).

The food was outstanding. Of course the company was great as well. Those in attendance included: Nate and Annie (House of Annie), Michele (The Accidental Scientist),and Deb (Kahakai Kitchen).

We were brought together by Food Buzz, as a way for their featured publishers to get to know one another. It was a wonderful evening. Very memorable.

Salmon Sashimi at Tokkuri Tei, Honolulu

The sushi was amazing. Each one I tasted was of the highest-melt-in-your-mouth quality.

The japanese food was also very good. For example there was a plate of portobello mushrooms, very tender and covered with a sauce which allowed the portobello to shine through.

All of the food was extra-ordinary. The soft shell crab was exquisite. A tofu salad we ordered was another standout.

Each dish was expertly prepared. The presentation of the food made it have extreme visual appeal. I would have to admit that Tokkuri Tei, has some of the best japanese food and sushi I have ever eaten.

As I mentioned before the company was also excellent and that may have added to the taste of the food.

I will definitely go back. As a matter of fact, Nate and Annie did go back several days later with Nate’s mom. (She insisted that they take her there.)

Nate ended up making a video. Here is a clip which shows how the salmon sashimi was prepared.

I recommend Tokkuri Tei, without hesitation or reservation. Enjoy.

Here is a grreat resource so you can learn to make your own sushi.

Be well. Stasy well. Sushi on Earth…
albert grande

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