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 One of the best kept secrets in Hawaii is the Pig and the Lady, a pop up restaurant in Honolulu.

What’s a "pop up restaurant"?  A pop up restaurant has no permanent home. It is not a virtual space but kind of a moveable feast.  The Pig and the Lady could be here for a while and then disappear. That is the beauty and the curse of the pop up.

The cuisine is New Wave Asian  but tasty and fun. The staff are there to make sure you enjoy your dining experience. The menu rotates all the time. You will discover many different influences. Understand each dish will be expertly prepared with an amazing taste.

Most of the meals served a 5 course price fixed for about $55. Space is limited so you will have to contact them to make reservations.
A link to their web site follows.

I caught up with them at the weekly farmers market located at the Blaisdell in Honoluliu


Serving up the creations of Andrew Le, former sous chef of Mavro. The menu will change frequently, starting with Southeast Asian, but possibly jumping continents, all in the pursuit of creativity and deliciousness.

At the moment, we’re popping-up in Hank’s Haute Dogs.


Here is a sample menu: 



carrot soup, curried rice puff, coconut creme fraiche, tangerines, cilantro


green banana, betelnut leaves, tomato confit, watercress, octopus jus

*vegetarian option: green banana, betelnut, tomato confit, watercress


kimchi, house cured bacon, crispy pig ears, sesame leaves

*vegetarian option: kimchi gnocchi, sesame leaves, brown butter, crispy shallots


free range chicken, slow poached egg, hand cut noodles, vietnamese herbs

*vegetarian option: Pho with handcut noodles, vietnamese herbs


olive oil cake, apricot seed powder, kaya, guava sorbet, shiso

 Jasmine tea with mint


Here is a video interview I did recently with Andrew the head chef and owner.



Contact them: At the moment, we’re popping-up in Hank’s Haute Dogs.

You can find out more at their website:

The Pig and the Lady

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