Eat the Street in Hawaii: Honolulu Street Food

One of the biggest Secrets about Hawaii is Eat the Street.

Eat the Street is a food truck food festival held in the Ka’kaako section of Honolulu on the last Friday of the month.

You can find over 40 different mobile food trucks at this event. All of the food featured is as diverse as the scenes of the Hawaiian Islands.

You can sample different types of Islands foods like Hawaiian plates, filipino, food, Mexican Food, all types of BBQ pork and beef, Mexican Food, Italian Food, Japanese food as well other award winning food combinations. You can discover freshly created pizza cooked in an authentic kiawe wood fired oven. There are not only ethnic variations but ethnic combinations as well. The tastes are incredibly diverse.

You can discover Fresh Island fish, pork dishes, beef and even fresh lobster. All the food is amazingly fresh and cooked for you right in front of you. You senses are literally bombarded. Of course the food is pleasing to the eye, but your other senses such as smell are also enticed.

You can discover all of the secret tastes Hawaii has to offer in one place. Eat the Street, has brought together the best new age chefs on the Islands. These masters of food are constantly thinking outside the foodie box and it appears magically in their food trucks.

This is a very pedestrian friendly event. There is bike parking, and a limited amount of seating. There is a problem with parking, which due to the large crowd is somewhat limited. My advice is to search for parking on some of the side streets. The event starts around 4 PM, so if you are able to get there early, parking will not be a problem.

There are a number of desserts available such as fresh created doughnuts, sweet savory pies and even a local cookie company showcases their talents. There are various types of cold desserts such as tropical flavored ice pops made with actual tropical juices. You will discover hand crafted Belgian Waffles. There is also mouth watering Italian Ice cream known as gelato.

If you are ready to experience some real Hawaii Secrets, make sure you check outEat the Street.

Here is a visual tour of this incredible Food Festival:

The absolute best ways to promote any event such as this is through video. You can find out more about hoe to promote with video at Hawaii Business Videos.

To find other local events, check out Find the Best Daily Deal in Your Neighborhood

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Best Car Repair in Honolulu: G.T. Mobile Services

Best Auto Repair in Honolulu

Find a good car repair  shop can be difficult at best. You can always take your car to a Car Dealership. You will get good service, but you will also pay top dollar.

The best way to prevent costly car repairs is to keep your car running well with regular maintenance. You need to have your oil changed on a regular basis. you need to check your tires and brakes to make sure everything is in good shape. you want your car to run as well as possible. With the price of gas it is in your best interest to keep your car running well.

The Best Car Repair Shop in Honolulu,  I have ever found is G T Mobile Service. Grant the owner has years of experience in working with both domestic and foreign cars. He knows electrical and air conditioning. He is reasonable and honest. He is the best car repair shop in Honolulu.

Check out the follwing video:

G T Mobile Service
232 Libby Street
Honolulu, Hawaii
Call 753-9300


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Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza at Ward Center

In the last several years there has been a renaissance as far as pizza is concerned.

The Artisan Pizza movement has caught up with Hawaii in a big way. Seems like everyone is now interested in creating great pizza. Now these are not pizzerias that are obvious to the everyday person. And visitors to Hawaii will never find them unless you know where to look.

I’m happy to share the opening of a new pizzeria at Ward Center, in Honolulu. As you read this Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza will have opened their doors.

While not a new operation, these pizzioli, have paid their dues. They are John and Kyle, and until recently they operated a mobile pizza operation. They created pizza that was good, very good.

They were relentless in their pizza production. At first they were located in a furniture store parking lot. They slowly built up a reputation as more and more crowds flocked to this outdoor operation seeking out great pizza. It was inevitable to anyone who ate pizza there that this location could not last.

They were just getting to big for the parking lot. And their customers were crowding out the furniture store customers. Their next location was an obscure part of town. Immediately their pizza production took a big hit. No one could find them any more. So they moved once again.

They relocated to a major street with pleny of traffic. Business started to pick up agian. It looked they had found a new home. However, the owner of the property raised the rent, and once more they were on the road.

They decided to take the pizza show on the road. They were fixtures at varous farmer’s markets, fund raisers and private parties throughout the Island of Oahu. but all along they have been searching for a permanent home and it looks like John and Kyle may have found one.

Now they are ready to show their talents in a full scale pizza restaurant. The pizzeria will be a full time operation for them. They plan on retaining the pizza cart, however, it appears the Ward Center location will be a permanent home.

Here is a promo video created for them by Hawaii Business Videos, a Hawaii Internet Marketing company :

Inferno’s Wood Fire Pizza

Ward Center
1200 Ala Moana Boulevard
Honolulu, Hawaii

And if you are coming to Hawaii check out, Hawaiian Airlines’ Lowest Fares

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Naked Cow Dairy Hawaii from Hawaii Secret Dot Com

Here is a dream that should be supported. 

The Naked Cow Story and Vision

Naked Cow Dairy is a women-owned, family run cow dairy on the island of Oahu whose mission is to keep the art of caring for dairy cows alive and well in Hawaii and to bring Island-made signature local fresh-churned butter and artisan cheeses to the table. Hand-crafted dairy products ensure the health and happiness of the cows as well as the high quality of the product.


Started by sisters Monique van der Stroom and Sabrina St. Martin, Naked Cow Dairy is a labor of love that fills a void left by the closure of 75 (!) dairies on Oahu in the past  50 years. Monique came to the decision to start Naked Cow after working in other dairies on Oahu and watching each of them struggle and fail to compete with the cheaper mainland imports. She realized that in order to be viable it would be necessary to maximize the potential of the milk by creating value added foods like butter, yogurt and cheese. Sabrina, after leaving New Orleans post Hurricane Katrina, came to the dairy with a vision to expand the culinary reach of the product to restaurant chefs passionate about locally produced food and farmer’s market shoppers eager to support local farms.

The Impact

Hard Fact #1:  In order achieve longed for stability as a family operated agricultural business, Naked Cow Dairy direly needs to start making cheese.  By securing the waiting cheeselover market, this dairy will be able to thrive and grow.

Hard Fact  #2:  100% of cow milk cheese in Hawaii has been imported, some cheeses from more than 25,000 miles away.  Hawaii currently imports at least 80% of the food that we eat.  Let’s put a dent in these numbers!

Semi-soft Fact:  You would be helping Naked Cow Dairy make history by being the first cow milk cheese making operation in Hawaii.  

Soft Fact:  Imagine these cheeses made fresh right here on the island with milk from pasture-raised cows: mozzarella, jack, cheddar, gouda, brie, camembert, and more! mmmmm…..


What We Need & What You Get

This campaign’s goal is to raise $15,000 to equip our kitchen with a heating element for our 230 gallon cheese vat & low-temp pasteurizer. This part costs about $7000 to purchase and install. In addition we need to build and outfit a cheese aging room that will keep our delicious cheeses at the right temperature and humidity until they go to market. The equipment and buildout of the space we need is estimated to cost about $8000. With these parts of the puzzle in place we will be on the way to making Hawaii cheesy!!

 Other Ways You Can Help

– Make it a point to get your butter, yogurt and cheeses from Naked Cow Dairy – available at KCC & Kailua Farmers’ Markets, Kapolei Farmers Market, Ala Moana  & Haleiwa Farmers’ Market, Whole Foods Kahala, Maui (and soon Kailua), Foodland, Down to Earth, Kokua Market.  

– Tell your friends to make sure to stock their fridges with local milk (real local milk – which is only Big Island Dairy sold as Hawaii Fresh at the moment), butter, yogurt and cheeses.  Let’s grow our dairies instead of losing them!

– If you’re on twitter help spread the word by following us @nakedcowdairy – hashtag for this campaign is #cheesyhawaii

– If you are on Facebook, please like us! "Naked Cow Dairy Hawaii" (listed as a Farm/Agricultural Business)
You and your cheese loving friends can come along for our cheesemaking ride 🙂
– Buy locally grown and locally made always! Know your farmer know your food!!


Let’s help these farmers have their dream become reality!

Respectfully submitted,
Albert Grande
Restaurants in Honolulu

Pizza Therapy: Pizza on Earth, Good Will to All!

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How to Choose a Honolulu Lawyer

Find a good lwyer in Honolulu is no easy task. There are hundreds and hundreds to choose from. Who do you call? what type of lawyer do you need? Here is the answer go to this Hawaii Lawyer Directory: Honolulu Lawyers.

 Remember when you decide to seek out the advice of an attorney is whether he or she is someone whom you trust and feel comfortable.  you need to have competent and reliable Hawaii Legal advice.

This is an important factor you need to consider when you are seeking out legal advice. Of course you want to hire an attorney who has a proven track record. You want someone who will represent your interests in the best way possible.

Don’t take short cuts when you are seeking legal counsel. You want an attorney who will fight for your rights in court. You want an attorney who will ensure that your legal rights are protected and not violated.

While there are any number of attorneys you can hire, we hope the resources contained here, at Lawyers-in Honolulu will allow you to make the best choice for your own particular legal issue. You will find the absolute best Lawyers in Honolulu listed in these pages. Please choose wisely.

Find an honest, reliable, trust-worthy lawyer at: this Lawyer Diectory: Honolulu Lawyers.

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Kaka’ako Makai Marketplace, A Honolulu Gem

Kaka‘ako Makai Community Cultural Marketplace
Ka Aha‘aina O Kaka‘ako
A Grand Opening and Gathering at Kaka‘ako

Featuring Hawai‘i foods, crafters, artisans, performers, and community;
including a special fundraiser for Hawaiian Civic Clubs
Bring your appetite



Welcome to Kaka’ako Makai Marketplace
A Community Cultural Experience

Hele mai, ho’ole ‘ale ‘a, e hele mai’ai, k?’ai hele, kipa hou mai
Come, have fun, come eat, shop, come visit again

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Prudential Locations’ Photovolatic Panels

 Here is an article about what one real estate company in Hawaii is doing to help the environment by going green:

Every day real estate agents across Hawaii sell green to make green. They highlight low VOC paints, dual-flush toilets and reclaimed materials during broker’s opens and solar water heaters and water efficient landscaping during appraisals.
But few real estate companies put their money where their roof is, which is exactly what Prudential Locations Real Estate did when it installed solar panels in 2008. Since then, the Hawaii real estate company has gone green in a scorching new way, investing in a new 87-kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) system at the company’s Honolulu office. From the time of their installation in 2008 until now, the panels have reduced CO2 emissions by about 650,721 kg, and produced over 382,000 kWh of energy.
The solar panels – which currently generate more than 136,000 kilowatt hours of clean, solar electricity each year – are just one way Prudential Locations is bringing to light its corporate sustainability initiative which aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. In addition to installing the PV panels, elements of Prudential Locations’ sustainability initiative including a paperless initiative where the agents submit contracts electronically, use of recycled products, as well as recycling.
“We live and work in such a beautiful place that it only makes sense that as a company, Prudential Locations do what it can to be sustainable and care for our environment,” said Joe Segal, online marketing manager“By installing the photovoltaic panels at our Honolulu offices, we hope that we are able to set an example for other local companies on how they can make changes both big and small and be sustainable.”
The photovoltaic panels currently produce enough electricity to power 382 homes — or all of Pacific Heights – for one full year. But in addition to being good for the environment, PV makes sense for Prudential Locations’ bottom line, saving the company 10 to 15 percent on its electrical bills each year.
The PV technology that Prudential Locations installed converts solar energy into electricity with minimal impact on the environment and offers “net metering” which occurs when solar panels generates more electricity than the building can use.
Installed by Hawaii-based company Hoku Solar, the project has already planted seeds of excitement amongst Prudential Locations’ agents and employees.
“It is a privilege to be able to work for a local company that demonstrates such a deep commitment to the environment and our community,” said Joe Segal.“I think it really speaks to Prudential Locations values and our ability to stay at the forefront — not just for real estate trends, but in sustainability as well.”
More information on Prudential Locations’ Green Initiatives can be found at


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Pet’s Discount Hawaii Needs Your Help

I received an email from Ricky Baker of Pet’s Disocunt. 
It was a sincere email, asking for support for Pet’s Discount.
Here it is:
To our valued customers of all Pet’s Discount stores,
Due to the economic conditions that have existed in Hawaii and the United States over the last 2 years, Pet’s Discount was forced to close it’s doors at Market City on December 12th.
Our plan is to continue providing affordable pet products, services, and pets to our Hawaii customers. To accomplish this, we have scheduled the closures of our Hawaii Kai and Kaneohe locations over the next 2 weeks, as well. Although we do not have a date as of yet, Waikele may be next.
This is a very difficult time for our company and all of it’s employees, having been in Hawaii as a locally owned and operated business since 1994. It is disappointing to us that we cannot serve customers that live in these areas as we have in the past.
Having said that, we believe that consolidating our operations will enable us to provide you with an even better selection of products in the remaining stores, our Bougainville Warehouse location and, for the time being, in Waikele. We are taking steps to bring in more dog and cat foods, supplies, and services to these stores to make the trip worthwhile for all of our customers, regardless of where they live. And as always, we guarantee the lowest prices.
How can you help?
If you are receiving this email, then you have been a our customer, or have requested to receive information about our company via our email alert program. We solicit all of you…help keep a locally owned and operated business open! Come shop at Pet’s Discount Waikele, or come shop with us at our Warehouse in Bougainville – but come shop with us now! Ask your friends to shop with us. Ask your family and co-workers, too. Ask them all to help us spread the word. Feel free to forward this email, as well. We will follow this up with other alerts and notices that refer to saving Pet’s Discount, so please look for them.
Regardless of what happens to our Waikele store in the next few weeks, we thank all of our customers that have shopped in our stores since 1994. We thank you for the opportunity to have met you and your pets and we thank you for our employment that your support has allowed for us to enjoy in Hawaii for so many years.
Mahalo and we hope to see you soon.
Ricky Baker
Pet’s Discount
I was moved by Ricky Baker’s email. I wrote and asked if there was anyway I could help.
Here’s what he said:
Any help you can give us in our efforts would be deeply appreciated!.  Wish I could compensate you for the help, but just can’t afford to.
You are welcome to use any of the info on the site, in my email, or on our Facebook page in any thing you want to get the word out about our remaining stores.
Thanks so much Albert!
Ricky Baker

If there is anyway you can help support one of our local businesses here in Hawaii, please visit them on-line or in person. If you need a pet or pet supplies, here’s where to go:

Pet’s Dscount

Pet’s Discount also offers a Mail Order Department for Neighbor Islands and the Mainland.
If you live off Oahu and would still like to place an order, please call us at 1-(877) PET-DISC.
We would be happy to help you!

Shop at Pet’s Discount Waikele

Toll Free: 1-877-PET-DISC
Fax Us: 808.422.5913

Pet’s Discount 
4384 Malaai Street 
Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

 Thank you, very much!


Albert Grande
The Pet Promoter

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The Best Haleiwa Hawaii Lawyers

Finding a good lawyer can be difficult.

You need to have a lawyer who is personable, honest and full of integrity.

You need to have a lawyer who you can discuss your most private matters. You need to find lawyers who are professional but down to earth.

There is one law firm that poseses these qualities. Attorney’s who you can trust.

Enter the Law firm of Saccoccio & Lopez, Attorneys at Law.

These are lawyers who are able to listen to you and your issues.they will try to solove your issues, quickly and efficiently.  Most importantly they are easy to talk with.

They speak your language. I recommend them without hesitation or reservation.

They specailize in:

 Family Law

Estate Planning
*Power of Attorney
*Advanced Medical Directive

Personal Injury
Criminal Defense
Traffic Matters
Landlord Tenant Matters
General Litigation
Spanish, German and Italian spoken


Saccoccio & Lopez, Attorneys at Law.
66-437 Kamehameha Highway Suite 209
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712
808 637-7611

If you need a lawyer in Hawaii, give them a call.


albert grande
Hawaii Secret Dot Com



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Billy’s Barber Shop: Best Barber in Haleiwa, Hawaii

Billy’s Barber Shop is one Hawaii’s Secrets. Billy has been in the same location for year’s. He has become a fixture on the North Shore.

One thing is certain. Billy is solid. He’s reliable. He’s a great barber. And a wonderful person. It doesn’t matter if you are a famous surfer, or an average person. He is an extraordinary barber.

I recently asked him the secret to his success. Here’s what he said:

I give people what they want.

And you know, that’s exactly what he does. You can get a glimpse of Billy’s Barber Shop in the following video created by Hawaii Business Videos:

You can visit Billy’s for a great haircut:

Billy’s Barber Shop
66-446 Kamehameha Hwy.
Haleiwa, Hawaii 96712

(808) 637-5550

Open 8am-5:30pm Tuesday – Friday
8am-5pm Saturday
Sunday and Monday closed.

You can discover more Hawaii Videos at:
Hawaii Business Videos:

You can claim Haleiwa Boardshorts here:

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J.J. Dolan Makes Excellent Pizza in Honolulu

O.K. Here is an inside secret.

If you want to get great pizza in Honolulu, look no further than Chinatown.

There, you will find some incredble New York style pizza being made and eaten.

But for me the pizza is the drawing card.

The pizzas are thin crust with plenty of taste in their dough and toppings.

The pizza was generously big. Large pizza allows the true tast of the pizza to explode in your mouth.

They are not particularly fancy. That is not to say that some of the pizzas were not unusual. There was a great variety.

This is blue collar pizza. Aand that was the charm of this pizzeria. You kind of felt you were back in your old neighborhood, rubbing elbows with your best friends as you indulge in your favorite past time: eating pizza.

The Pizza Therapy Pizza crew was impressed. Several of their specialty pizzas were sampled. We gave J.J. Dolan’s a thumbs up.

Watch a video created by Hawaii Business Videos:

Hawaii Business Videos Makes videos to help promote small business.

pizza all over Honolulu,

albert grande
The Pizza Promoter and Internet Marketer

Here is a something you may enjoy:

iTunes: All Your Music, All In One Place

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Incredible Kiawe Wood fired Pizza: V Lounge

Here’s a quick secret.

You can find amazing Artisan style pizza at V Lounge. Created by master pizziolo, Aker, this pizza is one of a kind in Honolulu.

V lounge uses the finest ingredients, which are all locally grown.

The pizza is in a word: delcious. Don’t expect cookie cutter pizza at this place. You will discover the true meaning of pizza.

All of the dough is lovingly mixed by hand. you won’t find a hobart mixer in this place.

Have a peek for yourself:

To discover the absolute best pizza in Hawaii, click here now.

pizza all over honolulu,
albert grande
Pizza Therapy

And if you are trying to save money, when you dine out,think about home entertainment:

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