Eat the Street in Hawaii: Honolulu Street Food

One of the biggest Secrets about Hawaii is Eat the Street.

Eat the Street is a food truck food festival held in the Ka’kaako section of Honolulu on the last Friday of the month.

You can find over 40 different mobile food trucks at this event. All of the food featured is as diverse as the scenes of the Hawaiian Islands.

You can sample different types of Islands foods like Hawaiian plates, filipino, food, Mexican Food, all types of BBQ pork and beef, Mexican Food, Italian Food, Japanese food as well other award winning food combinations. You can discover freshly created pizza cooked in an authentic kiawe wood fired oven. There are not only ethnic variations but ethnic combinations as well. The tastes are incredibly diverse.

You can discover Fresh Island fish, pork dishes, beef and even fresh lobster. All the food is amazingly fresh and cooked for you right in front of you. You senses are literally bombarded. Of course the food is pleasing to the eye, but your other senses such as smell are also enticed.

You can discover all of the secret tastes Hawaii has to offer in one place. Eat the Street, has brought together the best new age chefs on the Islands. These masters of food are constantly thinking outside the foodie box and it appears magically in their food trucks.

This is a very pedestrian friendly event. There is bike parking, and a limited amount of seating. There is a problem with parking, which due to the large crowd is somewhat limited. My advice is to search for parking on some of the side streets. The event starts around 4 PM, so if you are able to get there early, parking will not be a problem.

There are a number of desserts available such as fresh created doughnuts, sweet savory pies and even a local cookie company showcases their talents. There are various types of cold desserts such as tropical flavored ice pops made with actual tropical juices. You will discover hand crafted Belgian Waffles. There is also mouth watering Italian Ice cream known as gelato.

If you are ready to experience some real Hawaii Secrets, make sure you check outEat the Street.

Here is a visual tour of this incredible Food Festival:

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Hawaii Artist Esperance: An Artist in Hawaii

Esperance is one of the growing number of artisits in Hawaii.

Let’s face it, Hawaii is certainly art in itself. The scenes, the ocean, the people, the flowers, the food all lend themselve to be show-cased. And who better to do this than a Hawaii Artist.

Esperance paints from the heart. He feels and he uses his painintg to express that rare emotion that has bubbled out of him. He then uses hos brus and colors to catpture that on a canvas.

From his website:

Esperance has a rare gift for painting. His father painted, and he has grown up painting from his youth.

While in Madagascar, he sold his paintings for little to local hotels who later sold them for much more. He paints for the love of it, and some of his best paintings are truly works of art. He supplements his hands on knowledge in various ways, including lessons from the Honolulu Academy of Art and from retired Punahou School Art teacher Bob Badham.

One of the most impressive things about Esperance’s painting is how prolific he is. He can paint a couple of scenes in one day, a postcard in one hour. Because painting is second nature to him, he can do it quickly. When he wants to enhance a favorite scene with exquisite detail, he will take longer on a painting- up to a day or stretching out touch-ups across a couple of days.

To date, Esperance has painted more than 100 paintings.

You can see some examples of his his art, here:

Visit Esperance at his website.

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