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Hawaii is a magical place...a special place.











There are many secrets to Hawaii.
You just need to know where to look.
You can find some secrets right here...

Please visit the following:

Join me as I visit Dog The Bounty Hunter's Office, Click Here
Alright, the Dog was not home, but you can see where he conducts all of his business in Hawaii.
You never know when you will see the Dog. Hawaii is a small place.
If you do need the Dog, you now know where to look. He is just a couple of blocks from downtown Honolulu.

Tour the Historic Waialua Sugar Mill
The Mill was the lifeblood of Waialua. It stopped sugar production in 1996.
A number of businesses have breathed new life into The Mill.
The Mill has risen from the ashes...

Visit the North Shore Soap Factory
(Learn how to cut soap with a guitar string!)

See Dan Moore ride a 68 foot wave.
Jerry Driscoll gives us a tour of The North Shore Soap Factory...
Get an inside look at an all natural soap business.

Visit Mokuleia, Oahu's North Shore
See one of the last unspoiled parts of Oahu. Take a glider ride, go for a hike or watch Polo.
Few houses and no stores.

A Day at Alii's Beach:
See the Bay Watch Hawaii Beach

You can actually glimpse a scene from the television show "Lost" being filmed

How to make a Haku Lei
 Video Gives Simple step by step instructions using ti leaves and plumeria flowers



I will be adding more content, more reviews,
more beaches in the near future...

I hope to share with you the love of the islands.

These are Secrets of Hawaii. Hidden secrets...

Living in Hawaii sometimes feels like you live in another country while still living in the United States. Let me explain.

There are so many wonderful ethnic flavors, sights and sounds...

Incredible passion and beauty...

I want you to experience Hawaii safely and joyously,




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