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One of the last family owned restaurants on Oahu...Dot's

Dot's Restaurant
Wahiawa, Hawaii




Hawaii is a magical place...a special place.












Walking into Dot's in Wahiawa is like stepping back in time. The decor is comfortable and inviting. The food is good and so are the prices,


I like that fact that a meal at Dotís is just that: a complete meal. Your meal will start a homemade soup of the day or salad. Your main course will be served with a beverage such as soft drink or coffee. Dotís ends your meal with a dessert.




One of the signature dishes at Dotís is the Sizzling Hamburger Steak. This is delivered to your table in a cast iron pan. (Be careful now, itís hot and sizzling!) The dish is covered with a wax paper, so as not to splatter at your table. The meal continues to cook as it is placed on the table.

Dotís is off the beaten path, but certainly worth the visit. Locals from around the Island make their way to Dotís to sample the great food.




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