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The Historic Waialua Sugar Mill


Steeped in History, The Waialua Sugar Mill


Sugar was king...The Mill was the lifeblood of the entire Waialua Community. Families grew up around the Sugar Mill. Plantation life was the norm. There was a plantation store and plantation housing.

There are people to this day living in plantation housing.

Many of the Sugar Mills around Oahu were demolished to make room for housing or industrial growth.

The Waialua Sugar Mill has been preserved as it once was. Shops and businesses have taken over some of the spaces once occupied by the Sugar Mill.

Tour the Historic Waialua Sugar Mill
The Mill was the lifeblood of Waialua. It stopped sugar production in 1996.
A number of businesses have breathed new life into The Mill.
The Mill has risen from the ashes...


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Living in Hawaii sometimes feels like you live in another country while still living in the United States. Let me explain.

There are so many wonderful ethnic flavors, sights and sounds...

Incredible passion and beauty...


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