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The Number 1 Tip: To All Who Visit Hawaii

Here is the hidden secret no-one else, but me, will tell you

I live in Hawaii. I love Hawaii. I love the people, the food, the mountains and the sea. That said, I want to share with you my number 1 tip about Hawaii.

This is a tip that is sometimes mentioned, but I feel it is to often, swept under the carpet.

This is the most important lesson you can learn from me.

I want to be totally honest with you and not hold anything back. Believe me, I wouldnít have it any other way.


You need to be careful out there!

Most of the people in Hawaii are full of the Aloha spirit. You will meet incredible people of all different cultures. Enjoy them. They are, to me, what makes Hawaii, Hawaii. This is a very special place. Most of the people here are special people.

Understand this:

There is a small, active, number of people who want to ruin your vacation. They are watching you. They are hiding in the shadows. They see you even if you donít see them. They are the cockroaches of Hawaii.

These are the Bad Man. Their full time job is stealing from others.

You need to be careful. Common sense is the name of the game. Yes you are on vacation. Yes you want to have a great time and you will.

But be aware. Do not let your guard down. Do not give them a chance to rip you off.

Theses cockroaches know the rental cars you drive. Your rental car to them is a magnet. They see an unprotected rental car and they think they are going shopping. Your valuables are what they are shopping for.

Do Not Ever Leave valuables in your rental car.

Never, ever, never. Do not leave your money, credit cards, camera, wallet, purse, pictures or any other valuables in your car. Donít leave anything in your car that you care about.

These cockroaches are slick. You will be watching a beautiful ocean scene or mountain view. You will take a few steps away from your car. This is their crime of opportunity. Be aware. Be careful.

Remember, your rental car is a beacon, to the cockroaches. Your rental car sends out this signal: Please steal from this car.

I am not kidding about this. This is important.

This includes your luggage, gifts or anything else you value.

Over the years, I have heard countless horror stories of people having items stolen from their rental cars.

Locals also can be victims, but it seems to me, these cockroaches target rental cars. They know what the rental cars look like.

(And of course, this goes for your hotel room as well. If you have something of value, have it locked in the hotel safe.)

OK, I hope I made my point. If this tip saves one person from being a victim of a crime, I have done a good job.

 Please be careful. Take care. Use common sense and you will be OK.

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