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Kai's 2008 Harley-Davison Custom Deluxe

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Riding Motorcycles is popular in Hawaii. The weather is perfect for it.
There is really nothing quite like touring the Island on a motorcycle.

While there are many different kinds of bikes, Harley riders are their own breed. They are after all machines with a rich history and heritage.

You get a bunch of buddies together and just ride. Usually one person is designated support, and they will follow the crew with a truck, just in case of any mechanical problems.

Recently my friend Kai, bough a Harley Davidson Custom Deluxe.

Here it is:




Here is a Huge (and I mean Huge,) Hawaii Secret:

Bruddah Iz


I was fortunate to have seen Bruddah Iz (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) in concert with the Makaha Son's. He had an incredible voice and was very charismatic. I spoke recently with  his former high school math teacher who said instead of coming into class, he would sit outside, strumming his Ukulele. He explained to here he wasn't really interested in math.
"No need", he told her.

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