Natural Vibrations: Live Music in Hawaii

Natural Vibrations

Natural Vibrations have been part of the Hawaiian music scene for over 20 years. Their brand of music is a mixture of local rhythms and tastes. While their music could be labeled Jawaiian, they are much more.

According to Wikipedia, Jawaiian is a Hawaiian style of reggae music. Reggae music is a genre that evolved in the late 1960s and early in Jamaica. has become popular across the world, especially among ethnic groups.


Their music while tinged with Jamaican styles and rhythms, is a unique blend of music which they can call all their own. They have energy and are able to interact with their audience in a way that sets them apart. They have also been true to their music.

Their latest release,Got This Music, is a testament to this fact. They are consistent in the music they release although Got This Music, shows them spreading out in uncharted musical territory. As Wayne, explained to me: “we usually practice a lot before we go into the studio. This time we went into the studio and are doing a lot of practice to get it right.”

From Wikipedia:

Natural Vibrations was formed by Penidean Pua’auli (vocals), Shane Abraham (keyboard, vocals), Kayton Macarlola (percussion, vocals), Stacy Medeiros (drums), Jehua Evans (bass, vocals), and Wayne Enos (guitar, vocals) in 1993.[1] What started out as a group of friends playing small house parties became a professional music career as the band began recording albums and going on tours. Natural Vibrations soon became one of the most popular bands in Hawaii[1] Although fame doesn’t come easily on the isolated Hawaiian Islands, word of Natural Vibrations’ chill reggae music began to quickly spread to the beach cities of the mainland

The band is able to perform in large festival type venues as well as small clubs. Wherever they play the make believers out of their audience. And converts to the passion of their unique style.

There is an acoustic version of the band, which has regular gigs all around the Islands. Here is an example of some of their music at a recent gig at Tiki’s Bar in Waikiki:

Note the tight musical harmonies and the tight musical interactions of the band members. While each song is obviously well rehearsed there a looseness to their style. A backyard “Hawaiian kine” feel. They are able to jam and take their songs to a higher more fluid level.

When they finished their first set, I asked if I could chat with them for a couple of minutes. Peni and Wayne were very open and forthcoming. They were excited to talk about their latest adventure in the studio as well as an upcoming tour.

This was not your typical interview as you can see here. Wayne explained;

“We’re just a small kind of band of misfits, somehow we get together, and somehow we make music, and it all works out pretty good”.

The music is way more than pretty good. Their music is truly memorable and outstanding.

They have an upcoming mainland tour which will take them up and down the West Coast.

You can visit their website at this link:

Natural Vibrations

Their latest release is: Got This Music

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Natural Vibrations

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