Is Hawaii A Great Place to Live?

Hawaii is a wonderful place to live. But New York, Montana, Vermont and New Mexico are also wonderful places to live. Each place you live has it’s own unique sense of place.

But there is nothing quite like Hawaii with amazing beaches and amazing weather…
Hawaii Sunset, Kaka'ako Park from

Hawaii Sunset, Kaka’ako Park from

You need to decide what your values are and why you want to live in Hawaii.

1) Hawaii is a very expensive place to live. Gas, food, real estate and rents are some of the most expensive in the nation. And prices are going up all the time. If you want to live here be prepared to spend most of your income on the necessities.

And if you live on Oahu, be prepared to spend lots of time on traffic going from one place to another. Some of the outer Islands also may have traffic issues.

2) Jobs are hard to find. The best plan would be to have a job lined up before you move to Hawaii.

Unless you are independently wealthy, you will need an income. Depending on your profession and what you bring to the table, jobs can be very difficult to find in Hawaii.
There are jobs here, however, thinking because you had a good job on the mainland does not mean you will find an equivalent job in Hawaii

3) Be prepared for culture shock. Hawaii is a wonderful blend of many different cultures. You will find Hawaiian, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, and even Portuguese cultures represented.

The islands are a true melting pot of various cultural stews. If you are open to new and different cultures and embrace all of the differences, you will do well. If you are Caucasian, be prepared to hear the term “Haole”, often. Do not take offense.
4) You will get out of Hawaii what you put in.
If you are open minded and willing to embrace new cultures and experiences, you will do well in Hawaii. For me, I choose to live no where else. It is beautiful with incredible beaches and amazing mountains. Being able to wear shorts 12 months out of the year has its own special charm!
All of the Islands are different and have their own unique features. I love it here and would choose to live no where else. Is Hawaii a good place to live? For me it is. You will have to make up your own mind. I have lived in a number of places but my choice is clear: Hawaii is my home.

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There are many great resources to help you in your journey. If you are thinking of moving to Hawaii,check out Moving To Hawaii: A Step-by-step Guide — By Michele Meyer

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