Hawaii Hiking Tips and A Maui Hike

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are hiking in Hawaii. First, know where you are going. Get a map or talk to someone who knows the trail you will be taking.

Look for trails that are well marked and accessible. A charged cell phone and a small emergency kit, with band-aids, antiseptic and insect repellant is essential. The cell phone will come in handy in an emergency.

Here is a huge hiking tip: stay on the trail. This is essential advice. Never leave the trail. Do not wander off into the brush. Walking off the trail in Hawaii, even for a short distance, can be very dangerous. Even deadly. You need to stay on the trail at all times.

Wear a hat and put on plenty of sunscreen. You need to be careful of the Hawaiian sun. Make sure you protect your skin with a good sunscreen. And always, wear a hat.

Another important tip is to make sure you have brought enough water for your hike. Water is essential for all Hawaiian hikes. Hiking in even the most pleasant weather, can be strenuous. You want to make sure you are hydrated and have enough water with you. When in doubt make sure you bring an extra bottle of water.

 You also want to make sure you have the correct clothing. When it comes to hiking gear, one of the most important pieces of gear that you will come across are hiking boots or hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are not only comfortable, as they are designed for hiking trail terrain, but they can also be used as a safety tool. With strong support for your feet and your ankles, hiking shoes and boots can help reduce your risk of injury in the event of a slip or a small fall.

A hiking stick is another piece of hiking gear that you may want to think about buying or brining along with you. Hiking sticks can be purchased from sport stores, but hiking sticks can also be found by scavenging through your backyard. Hiking sticks are not only nice because they look neat, but they can also help you keep your balance.

 Make sure you have packed rain gear for your next hiking adventure. Remember that it can rain in Hawaii without notice. It is always best to be prepared. Bringing rain gear such as a poncho will make you ready for any wet situation.

And remember to make sure you let someone know you where will be hiking. This is an important step you can take to ensure you can be found if you get into trouble on your hike.

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